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if you see lots of typos..Im doing this in "vi" so yeah...it's no surprise to me

WARNING:things posted here are views of the editor..me Matthew, views of my mind, at the time, and may not be fully truthful, fully accurate, or even SANE.. also some readers may find offense to some things written..in advance..Sorry.. i'm not trying to hurt anyone by what i write..unless i write that i want to hurt you..then maybe

My cool people List

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My Cool People List

well...i had some requests to put up a list of people that are reading this...the regulars...i dont know why...but they thought it would make them cool..SO..with out further adue..
(Peep's that read this blog regularly)
  • Alishah Damji (aka LP)
  • Amelie Dutrisac
  • Andrew Hurford
  • Andrew Parrett
  • Chantal Wall
  • Elijah Waterfield
  • Elma Hurford
  • Farhad Shariff
  • Julia Hurford
  • Kevin Hurford
  • Kim Payne
  • Kristin Valles
  • Landon Mitchell
  • Stephanie Young
  • Suzie Gardner
  • Victor Leidre
  • Zafrin :)
if you want on the list..email me
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